The Game of Life 2 is Now Available on PS4 and PS5

The Game of Life 2

Remember the board game The Game of Life?

It was one of my favourites as a kid. There was something about making your way around the 3D-moulded game board in a little car, collecting pegs representing your spouse and the several kids you were going to have, mimicking various ‘grown-up’ life events. Now I am a grown-up, the appeal of getting a job and paying taxes isn’t quite so thrilling when I actually have to do those things for real. But still, The Game of Life holds a place in my heart. And its video game version, The Game of Life 2, is now available on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

We reviewed The Game of Life 2 when it landed on Switch back in March 2021. This PlayStation release is largely the same, though more DLC boards are available. Pick up the Complete Collection on PS4 and PS5 and you’ll have an additional four game boards to play on.

Not that you’ll massively miss out without the DLC, mind, because no matter what board you’re playing on, The Game of Life 2 largely plays the same. The base version of the game includes three boards: Classic World, Haunted Hills and Fairytale Kingdom. Other than having a unique look and careers based on the theme, everything else remains exactly the same. So whether you want to splash out on Age of Giants, Frozen Lands, Lunar Age and Sandy Shores worlds is up to you.

Each board does at least look great, though. The visuals aren’t exactly cutting-edge, but their blocky, colourful designs are pleasant on the eyes. And the new scenery, if you jump from one board to another, does provide a welcome change.

The bad news is that The Game of Life 2 will set you back £28.99. Our main complaint when we reviewed the Switch version was its price, and the same goes here. There’s not a great deal of game here for the asking price, with each go around the board feeling fairly repetitive. The same events pop up time and time again, so you’re likely to get bored rather quicky.

As we summarised in our original review: 

“One game will last only around 30 minutes, and since you’ll see the same random opportunities and job titles come up again and again, you’re probably not likely to want to keep playing. Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the board game, wait until it’s on sale. It’s enjoyable in small doses, but not at RRP.”

The same goes here. The nostalgia hit is great for those of us with fond memories of the original board game. But wait for a sale, or you’ll be disappointed.