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There’s a Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Broadcast This Week

Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary

We’re not going to get too excited, but Square Enix has announced a Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast for 16th June.

Why aren’t we getting excited? Well, Square Enix has told us literally nothing about what to expect. All we know is that it’s a 10-minute long stream that will “offer fans a first look at all the information surrounding the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII”.

That said, the official tweet sharing the news specifically asked people to be excited. So we’re not sure what to think.

It could go either way in our opinion. It could simply be a 10-minute look back at what made Final Fantasy VII so great. And, honestly, we wouldn’t mind. It’s a game that deserves to be celebrated; there aren’t many games that have been around 25 years and are still as much-loved as ever.

There’s also the slight – very slight – possibility that we might get some more exciting information. Maybe an announcement or trailer relating to the coming-at-some-point Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. Alternatively, there could perhaps be news on an Xbox release of the first part. Or maybe a 25th Anniversary re-release of the original game.

We shan’t speculate any further, because honestly, we haven’t a clue. But we will be tuning in. You can too: the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Broadcast will be aired on Youtube and Twitch on Thursday 16th June at 6pm ET/11pm BST.

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