This God of War / The Last of Us Mash Up is Amazing

God of War Last of Us

We thought God of War modding had hit its peak but we were wrong. This latest mod mashes the deity-slaying action game with The Last of Us.

We’d just got over seeing the Doom Slayer pummel Baldur, but modder Omega Fantasy (whose mods are available through their Patreon) has swapped God of War’s Kratos out for The Last of Us’s Joel and Atreus out for Ellie. They’ve also added clickers as the default enemy and thrown in David (one of the post-apocalyptic adventure’s antagonists) as Baldur making for some spectacular set-tos.

It does, after all, make a kind of sense. One game is about a hyper-violent jackass who uses fatherhood to disguise just how awful he is, and the other’s God of War. However, YouTuber Speclizer has taken things a step further by editing the lines out of the post-apocalyptic The Last of Us and inserting them into a video of the mod.

The downside is that if you get the original mod you’re just going to have Joel spewing Kratos’s lines but this extra bit of effort makes the video worth watching. You can bet that this version of Joel wouldn’t have .. actually, spoiler territory, but if you’ve tackled The Last of Us Part II you know exactly what we’re talking about.

You can check out the video above – don’t let the disturbing thumbnail put you off – and you can find Omega Fantasy’s PC mods through their Patreon.