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Tips for Getting Started in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal

Jumping into Diablo Immortal for the first time this weekend? We’ve got some tips to help you out.

The long-awaited Diablo Immortal is finally here. No, it’s not quite Diablo 4, but it is a brand new Diablo game for us to sink our teeth into, and we’re excited for that. This free-to-play game is available on Android, iOS and PC (currently in Beta), and it feels familiar but fresh to anyone already accustomed to battling demons in hell.

There’s quite a lot to get to grips with in Diablo Immortal, and the best way to learn is simply by playing. But if you need a little guidance and a nudge in the right direction, hopefully our tips will help you out.

Don’t buy any in-game purchases just yet

Diablo Immortal is free-to-play, but as a result it’s packed with in-game purchases and microtransactions. We’d advise against buying anything just yet. There’s plenty to be getting on with without spending a penny, and you need to test the waters to see how much you enjoy the game first. The Battle Pass gives you access to additional rewards each time you level up, but it means committing to long-term play. And cosmetics don’t add anything to your experience, other than a fancy costume, so don’t get sucked in.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t buy anything at all. But make sure you’re enjoying the game enough to warrant putting money into it first.

Create (or sign into) a Battle.net account

When you first start playing Diablo Immortal, you’ll be asked if you want to sign into a Battle.net account. We’d recommend you do so right away. It means your progress is always saved to your account. If you need to switch devices, you won’t lose any progress. And you can seamlessly switch between mobile and PC. You’ll also need to be signed into Battle.net if you want to play with friends.

Claim your free rewards

There’s a lot of free stuff to claim in Diablo Immortal. There’s a daily log in bonus, a daily reward for killing an enemy, and rewards for levelling up, completing missions and hitting various milestones.

You’ll need to head into a couple of menus to claim your rewards manually. In the main menu, you’ll find three buttons on the left-hand side of the screen for ‘Battle Pass’, ‘Events’ and ‘First Kill of the Day’. Be sure to check them out regularly to ensure you’ve redeemed everything.

You can also visit the ‘Codex’, where you’ll find a range of tasks, all giving you various rewards for completion.

Team up with friends

You don’t need to play Diablo Immortal alone: team up with friends and you’ll have more fun – and gain more XP. Be warned, though, you’ll need to all be playing on the same server, so make sure you co-ordinate before you create a new character. You can read more about playing with friends here.

Turn on quest navigation

Click on a mission on the left-hand side of your screen, and you can turn on navigation, guiding you exactly where you need to go. You’ll also have a waypoint on your minimap, but with navigation turned on, you’ll get a handy set of footprints leading the way.

Make use of fast travel

Fast travel unlocks pretty early on into your time with Diablo Immortal, and it’s a real time saver. Once you’ve been to an area, you can fast travel to any waypoint no matter where you are. Simply open the map (click the minimap) and choose a region, then choose a waypoint. You’ll have to sit through a short animation and loading screen, but it sure beats having to walk all the way back somewhere on foot.

Regularly check your equipment

You’ll get a lot of loot in Diablo Immortal. A lot of loot. Be sure to head into your inventory on a regular basis and check you always have the best stuff equipped. You’ll want to pay attention to its item level, as well as what attributes and perks it offers you.

Though be aware: a higher item level doesn’t automatically mean something is better if another item offers you better attributes. I.e., if you’re paying as a Barbarian, something that increases your Strength rating is more valuable than something that increases Willpower.

Take unwanted items to the Blacksmith

Don’t just destroy your unwanted items. Take them to a Blacksmith, who’ll break them down and give you materials in return. You’ll want to build up as many materials as possible, as they’ll come in useful for crafting, upgrading and more.

Equip gems in items with slots, and upgrade them

You’ll eventually unlock gems in Diablo Immortal, which can be added to any item or weapon with an empty slot. Gems come in various forms, and all offer some sort of benefit, be it a special attribute or an increase to one or more of your stats. As soon as you get gems, make sure you equip them by visiting a Jeweler. You can also upgrade gems at a Jeweler, improving their power. But you’ll need money and materials to do so.

Have fun!

Ah yes, the most important tip that we can give you when playing Diablo Immortal: simply have fun. Go with the flow, do missions or explore, play around with your loot. Whatever. But enjoy yourself, and go slaughter those demons with glee.

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