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Sniper Elite 5

Twelve Tips for Sniper Elite 5’s Axis Invasion Mode

Sniper Elite 5’s Axis Invasion mode is an awful lot of fun, but actually defeating the Allied sniper isn’t so easy. Here are twelve tips to help you out.

If you’ve not at least dabbled in Axis Invasion, the new mode introduced in Sniper Elite 5, you’ve missed out on an absolute treat. As an invading Axis sniper, you drop into an Allied player’s single-player game and try to dispatch them. Sometimes, another player will join the good guys, meaning it’s two against one in their favour.

The normal computer-controlled enemies still roam the level, but you present an additional threat. To win, you need to kill the Allied sniper or snipers. The Allied sniper, on the other hand, can defeat you by killing you or by completing all their objectives. And, even though you’re the bad guy, knowing you’ve crushed a human opponent is so very, very, sweet.

So, without further ado, here are twelve tips that should help you, as the Axis sniper, hunt down the Allied sniper.

1. Play each level in single-player mode, at least once.

You can jump straight into Axis invasion without so much as touching the single-player campaign but it helps to know where the objectives are if, instead of hunting you down, the Allied Sniper chooses to get with their tasks.

2. Be careful with cover.

Crouching in long grass is enough to fool the computer-controlled opponents, but there’s every chance the real player in Sniper Elite 5‘s Axis Invasion mode will see you. Likewise, if you crouch behind a wall, the Allied player may spot you. If they do, there’s likely enough of your head sticking out for them to get a headshot. Lying prone means you see less, but it’s a safer bet.

3. Tag every soldier you can.

Use your iron sights/sniper zoom to tag every Axis soldier you can when playing Axis Invasion mode in Sniper Elite 5. That way, when something happens to them, you’ll know roughly where the Allied sniper is.

4. Be wary of scope glare.

If you see a scope glinting, you should immediately nip behind cover but don’t automatically fire back. Why? Because both Allied and Axis scopes glint. It could be the Allied sniper, but several levels contain “friendly” Axis snipers. If you can, and are prepared to take the risk, take a quick peek before firing back. If you do fire back and it’s an Axis unit, you can’t kill them but the gunshot might give your position away.

5. Wear the basic German soldier uniform.

You can unlock additional uniforms to use in Axis Invasion mode in Sniper Elite 5. If you rack up 100 Allied kills, you can parade around looking like The Riddler from the new The Batman movie, but you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, stick with the basic uniform and the Allied sniper will have a harder time picking you out. Also, acting like the AI-controlled German soldiers helps too; running when they run, ducking when they duck and so forth.

6. Let the Allied sniper come to you

It’s tempting to wade into Axis Invasion mode, all guns blazing, especially if the Allied sniper is on the run. Maybe the sniper knows you’re a real person, or maybe they think you’re an AI controlled soldier. But they’re expecting you to run in after them, which is the perfect opportunity for them to blast you close-range. Instead, retreat but duck inside the nearest building, preferably lying prone where you can see the doorway. There’s a good chance they’ll attempt to follow when you don’t follow them, which is your chance to shoot them.

7. Listen for irregular gunfire.

Listening for gunfire might seem like a sure way to find the Allied sniper, but several levels in Sniper Elite 5 have gun-ranges, where Axis soldiers are practicing their shooting skills. It helps if you’ve explored the level and know where these ranges are, but if you’re not sure, listen out for the gunfire. If it’s an irregular pattern, e.g. a short burst, then a pause then several long bursts, it’s likely to be the Allied Sniper.

8. Do use your grenades and mines.

Mines are a great way of ensuring no-one can approach you without you knowing about it, and grenades are useful for flushing out Allied snipers. If you can see a sniper behind a wall, or even suspect they are, throw a grenade.

9. Don’t be tempted to get up close and personal.

Yes, it’s satisfying to stab an Allied sniper, sneaking up before can turn around, but it’s also a big risk if they do turn around. If the Allied sniper is two or three metres away from you, blast them. Even if you don’t kill them outright, you’ll be close enough to shoot or knife them.

10. Listen out for the Allied sniper’s dialogue.

If you’re close enough, you can hear the Allied sniper on the Invasion Phones asking where you are, and he can also hear you asking for his position. But, strangely enough, the Allied sniper will dictate all their objective-related activities, talking about how they’re blowing up an AA gun. Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous but their lack of an internal dialogue works in your favour. For a start, it lets you find them more easily and, secondly, it tells you they’re distracted by whatever activity they’re undertaking, making them an easier target.

11. Always heal yourself when the Allied sniper incapacitates you.

When the Allied sniper has shot you and you’re lying on the ground, bleeding, it’s tempting to give in. But if you’ve got a medical pack left (you should always keep one in reserve!) use it. The Allied sniper could stab you in seconds, but we’ve played several matches where the Allied sniper hesitated and we were just quick enough to heal and fire back, killing them.

12. Use Stay Sharp to quickly tag nearby Axis soldiers.

Using the Stay Sharp skill will set soldiers on alert, but it also means they’ll quickly be tagged. If there’s a group of Axis soldiers and you’re reasonably sure that the Allied sniper isn’t nearby, use Stay Sharp and you’ll have several new pairs of eyes to alert you when they do show up.

Practice is, as you might expect, a factor in nailing Axis Invasion mode in Sniper Elite 5, but the above tips should make it significantly easier to beat your opponents. And if you’ve yet to dive into Sniper Elite 5, check out our review here.

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