A New Two Point Campus Trailer Explores the Academic Year

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus’s new trailer shines a light on the university sim’s academic year, failing students and all.

Two Point Campus, from the creators of the superb Two Point Hospital, sees you running a university, with classes ranging from archaeology through to spell casting. Previous trailers have taken a look at these classes but this latest trailer is less specific.

Instead of focusing on spying or creating giant paellas, both of which are actual in-game activities, it goes over the ins and outs of running your University. It looks very much as if your university changes students each academic year; yes, an awful lot of real-life courses are multi-year but Two Point presumably want to keep things moving.

An interesting aspect of Two Point Campus, featured in the trailer, is that you can have students who are failing and, so, you’ll have to provide support to help them catch up. Sure, you could just ignore them but, apart from being a terrible person, the game is bound to mark you down for that.

You’ll also have to keep students entertained between classes and even help kindle romance with “Love Trumpets”. Yes, if you haven’t guessed from the choice of classes, Two Point Campus, like Two Point Hospital is very tongue in cheek. Though whereas the latter was clearly inspired by Theme Hospital, this title is a completely new venture for developer Two Point Studios.

You can check out the trailer above, wishlist or pre-purchase the game on Steam, and craft your own institute of learning when Two Point Campus arrives on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch this August 9th. It’ll also be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass that same day.