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Detroit: Become Human is Getting a Comic Book

Detroit Become Human Tokyo Stories

Detroit: Become Human is getting its own manga comic book, Toyko Stories.

As reported by Kotaku, who translated the news from Famitsu, it’ll take place in 2038 in – wait for it- Toyko, and will follow the story of an android idol. Androids have, unlike the situation in Quantic Dream’s game, been accepted by the Japanese. However, people are starting to grumble about the androids taking jobs from humans which, ultimately, leads to an android revolution.

You can check out our review of Detroit: Become Human here, as well as an alternate take on the game here. Penned by David Cage, there’s no doubt it was a dramatic outing, but some of the writing was.. a little off, shall we say? In particular, there were some really, really, blatant references to the American Civil Rights movement; at one point, your android protagonist quotes Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” line.

So, given our lukewarm reception for the game, are we looking forward to Detroit: Become Human – Toyko Stories? Suprisingly, yes. We’re eager to see what writer Saruwatari Kazami can do with the world, and we’ll be curious to see how this ties into the Detroit world. Will it gain anything from being associated with the game, apart from increased visibility?

You can get your hands on Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories this July 22nd, if you speak Japanese, because that’s when it arrives on Comics Bridge. If you don’t speak Japanese, you may have to wait a little longer for an English translation.

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