Does Multiversus Have Cross-Play?


With Multiversus being a multiplayer-focussed game, you might be wondering if it has Cross-Play support.

A Super Smash Bros. Style brawler with a range of Warner Bros. characters, Multiversus can be a lot of fun to play. Even better, you can jump into it for free, and unlock additional characters and more by either simply playing or spending money. And thanks to Cross-Play, you can play with friends no matter what platform they game on.

That’s right, Multiversus does indeed have Cross-Play. So whether you or your friends have a PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S or PC, you can all play together. Only Switch gamers can’t get involved, unfortunately, and there are no plans on bringing the game to Switch right now either.

Cross-Play should be enabled by default, but you can check it’s enabled by going into the game’s settings and choosing the Online/Legal option. There you’ll find a Cross-Play setting. If you’re playing on a console, you can even choose to have console Cross-Play only. Thanks to cross-play, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding matches no matter when you play, long into the future.

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