Evil Dead: The Game Gets a Free Army of Darkness Update

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If you’re still playing Evil Dead: The Game, we’ve got good news for you: a free update is landing today.

If you’re not still playing Evil Dead: The Game, then why not? We’ve recently called the game one of our highlights of 2022 so far, and one of the best multiplayer horror games we’ve sank our teeth into. Letting players take on the role of Ash Williams or a host of other iconic characters, it’s challenging, scary and, most of all, a great way to immerse ourselves into the world of Evil Dead.

And it’s just got even better thanks to today’s ‘Army of Darkness’ update. Which is absolutely free, by the way.

The update adds a brand new map to the game, letting players loose in the eerie grounds of Castle Kandar. You can see it in action in the trailer below. There’s also new weapons: a mace, allowing you to bludgeon your enemies to death, an an explosive crossbow, giving you an excellent ranged attack option.

Evil Dead: The Game‘s new Exploration mode will let you explore Castle Kandar at your leisure, taking in all the sights while you hone your Deadite-slaying skills.

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New premium outfits will also be available should you want to make your characters a bit fancy. Thanks to the new Medieval Bundle, you’ll be able to unlock a Scottish Vibe outfit, a Battle Prep outfit, and a Necromancer Demon Gilded Attire Costume pack. There’s also two new outfits for Ash: a Gallant Knight, and an S-Mart Employee Outfit. They do come with a price tag, though. Each outfit for Ash will set you back $2.99, while the Medieval Bundle is $7.99. It’s included if you own the season pass.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump back into Evil Dead: The Game and make your way to Castle Kandar.

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