Grounded is Getting its Own Animated TV Series


Grounded, an Xbox Game which follows the exploits of a group of shrunken, backyard-dwelling teens, is becoming an animated series.

Yes, the premise might sound a little familiar, but that’s because Grounded, currently in Game Preview, takes inspiration from A Bug’s Life and Honey I Shrunk the Kids (most obviously the latter). The game, developed by Obsidian, is an open world survival sim though you can count on the series delivering more focused shenanigans.

As reported by Deadline, series is being adapted by Brent Friedman, who worked on Disney’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. As you might expect, Xbox also have a hand in the series’ production which is also being handled by Waterproof Studios/SC Productions, Kinetic Media and Bardel Entertainment.

It’s early days, so there’s no release window for the series, though the game itself leaves Game Preview (Xbox’s equivalent of Early Access) this September. The game features four characters, Ally, Maxwell, Peter and Willow though we wouldn’t be surprised if the series ended up throwing in a few more.

If you’re at San Diego Comic Con you may also be able to catch up with the Grounded team at their booth, though we’d be too busy hanging around the Aliens booth, assuming Survivos have brought a playable prototype.

If you’ve not tackled Grounded, it’s well worth diving into and is completely free through Game Pass. Yes, it has spiders but there’s arachnophobia safe mode so you’ve no excuse not to lose yourself in Grounded’s back yard. And when the series rolls around, you can grumble about how you did so much better.

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