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Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Here’s Everything From the Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Did you miss out on yesterday’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase? Here are all the games, both new and existing titles, that were shown off.

The bad news is, there was no Stray 2. Admittedly, the original Stray was released last week, but you can never have too many cat games. The good news is that Annapurna Interactive had plenty of games on show and one sudden, surprise Steam release.

Here, then, are all the titles that were shown at publisher Annapurna Interactive’s 2022 showcase.

Hindsight. This narrative game, which sees you using objects to observe the past now has an August 4th Nintendo Switch, Steam and iOS release.

Bounty Star. A newly announced game, this is an over-the-shoulder action game coming to Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam. It’ll mix combat, base building and farming. It’s set to arrive in 2023.

Flock. Another new game, with no release date as yet, this a multiplayer game which sees you and your friends flying around, trying to collect as many items as you can. Despite the whole collect-em-up aspect, this looks like a pleasingly chilled outing.

A mystery Keita Takahashi game. The creator of Wattam, Katamari Damacy and more, is, with his company Uvula, working on a game for Annapurna. There was a brief teaser trailer showing a sleeping cartoon child, but that’s all. There’ll be more to come later, apparently.

The Lost Wild. This newly-announced title resembles Alien Isolation with dinosaurs and, if that’s exactly what it turns out to be, count us in. At the very least, Annapurna are classing it as a survival horror adventure game. According to Annapurna it’s “coming soon to Steam”, with a console release arriving later. The Steam page states 2024 as a release window, but that could be an error.

Thirsty Suitors. We got another glimpse at this upcoming story-driven adventure. The gameplay trailer is well worth a look because you get to see character absolutely have the wind taken out of their sails when.. well, just watch. You can download a demo right now or get the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and Game Pass in 2023

Hohokum. As we reported earlier, the fantastic and fantastically odd Hohokum has made the leap from PlayStation to PC and it’s out now.

Other than that, there were a few platform announcements, about existing titles joining other platforms.

  • What Remains of Edith Finch now has an next-gen Xbox and PlayStation upgrade.
  • Outer Wilds will be getting a next-gen upgrade on September 15th. Both this upgrade and Edith Finch’s upgrades are free.
  • The Pathless will launch on Xbox and Switch this winter.
  • Maquette will launch on Xbox, Game Pass, and Switch this winter.
  • Solar Ash will launch on Steam on December 6, 2022 and on Xbox Game Pass this winter.

You can watch the whole showcase below which, starting at the 14:50 mark runs for about 27 minutes.

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