Hop For The Best is a Froggy Platformer Hitting Kickstarter Today

Hop for the Best

Hop For The Best, hitting Kickstarter today, blends platforming, claymation and adorable amphibians.

Sure, your clay protagonist doesn’t have the now-delisted Superfrog’s superhuman powers, but they’re all the more appealing for just being a regular frog. And, if Hop For The Best’s Kickstarter goes well, you’ll get to guide them through ten challenging and rather hazardous worlds.

Because, according to developer Splashfire Studios, Hop for the Best is “..intended for players looking for a challenge.” Yes, there’s an easier mode but based on what we’ve seen of the game so far, Sonic the Hedgehog would have a hard time of it.

You’ll get to roam through woods, haunted forests and more, using your froggy skills to avoid a disturbing clay-based demise. There’s plenty of wall-hopping and your protagonist can stick to surfaces with their tongue, which as platforming talents go, is pretty useful.

We’ve dabbled in the demo and it’s an awful lot of fun, once you get used to keeping a close eye out for hazards. We’re a little too used to Sonic the Hedgehog telegraphing its obstacles, with “HEY, THERE’S A BIG PIT OF SPIKES HERE, IT’D BE BAD IF YOU FELL INTO IT”.

So, if you’re up for an amphibian challenge, with possibly the cutest frog in gaming (and that includes Froggy Chair) you can download the demo from itch.io here. Then, you can back the Kickstarter here when it launches later today.