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Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

How to Access The Delicious Last Course Content in Cuphead

Wondering how to start the new content in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course? Here’s what you need to know about accessing the DLC.

Out now, The Delicious Last Course is a long-awaited expansion for Cuphead. It adds six new levels, a new overworld area to explore, new items and weapons, and some secrets to be discovered. It’s pretty much a must-have if you’re a Cuphead fan, but how do you access The Delicious Last Course‘s new content?

We’ve got good news: you don’t need to finish Cuphead before you can access The Delicious Last Course. In fact, you don’t need to get very far at all. Head to the first Mausoleum level – it’s to the south east of your starting position. You’ll need to complete two levels to unlock the way, but that’s all.

After completing the Mausoleum – which is a parry challenge – a new NPC will appear on your map. They’re stood right next to the Mausoleum and with them is a boat. Talk to them, and you’ll be able to travel to a brand new area. It’s here where you’ll find The Delicious Last Course new content.

If you’ve already played some or all of Cuphead, accessing the DLC is even easier. Simply travel to any Mausoleum location and you’ll find the same NPC already waiting for you.

When you get to the DLC island, good luck! The levels that await you are perhaps some of Cuphead‘s best, but they’re also incredibly challenging.

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