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How to Dunk the Basketball in Stray

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Wondering how to dunk the basketball to unlock the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy in Stray? Here’s how to do it.

There are several random trophies to gain in Stray, many of which for doing random side activities throughout the game. One of them is the ‘Boom Chat Kalaka’ trophy, which you’ll get by dunking the basketball. It’s a bit of a cryptic clue – you’ll see a few basketballs around the slums as you play Stray. But you’ll need to pay attention to a specific one in order to get the trophy.

Near the big elevator, the location where you talk to the guardian, you’ll see a basketball perfectly lined up at the top of a set of stairs. At the bottom, in line with the basketball, is a garbage bin laid on its side. You need to knock the basketball down the stairs so it rolls into the bin. Easy, right?

Approach from the right angle, and dunking the basketball in Stray should be no problem. Hit the ball just right, and it’ll roll into the bin, and the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy will unlock.

However, the ball is very twitchy, and if you hit it from the wrong angle or accidentally nudge it, it’ll roll off in completely the wrong direction. If it does, don’t worry. Simply restart from the last checkpoint and the location of the basketball will be reset, allowing you to try again.

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