How to Escape Blue Knees in MADiSON

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There comes a point in MADiSON where you’re relentlessly pursued by a horrifying creature known as Blue Knees.

Trapped in an alternate version of the house, Blue Knees will constantly hunt you down. And if he manages to get his hands on you, you pass out and wake up in a safe room. If you’ve got no idea what to do, it can become a little frustrating. So, how do you escape Blue Knees in MADiSON?

The answer lies in the numerous gramophones you can find throughout the house. Interact with a gramophone and you’ll find that you can play it by cranking a handle. It takes time, but you need to do it with each gramophone you find, playing the recording to the end. Two of the gramophones out of the five or six that are available will present you with an eyeball when the recording is completed. Place these eyeballs into the hole in the floor in the safe room, then take a picture to stop the Blue Knees nightmare.

Playing each gramophone until its end can be tricky, though, as Blue Knees often hunts you down while you’re in the act. Thankfully you have a weapon that sends him on his way. Whenever he appears – you’ll know because he’s accompanied by a freaky sound – get out your camera. Take a picture of him when he’s approaching you and he’ll retreat for a short while as he’s scared of the flash.

If you’re having trouble finding all the gramophones, try walking around the alternate house in different ways. New doorways will open up depending on the route you take, and don’t be afraid to enter somewhere that looks dark.

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