How to Get Coins in Multiversus


If you’ve dived into Multiversus without buying a Founder’s Pack, you’ll have found that many of its characters are locked for use. But they can be yours if you have coins.

Coins are just one of the numerous currencies found in Multiversus, but thankfully they’re easy to get. And once you have enough of them (between 1,500 and 3,000), you can use them to unlock a new character.

To get coins in Multiversus, you simply need to play the game. You’ll get some for completing the starting challenges. Coins are given to you at the end of every match, too. And you’ll also be rewarded with coins as you level up individual characters and your profile, and make battle pass progress. Remember to check on your battle pass progress from time to time to claim your rewards.

If you put in the effort and max out characters after you unlock them, you can add a lot of characters to your roster without spending anything in Multiversus. But if you don’t mind parting with your cash and are short on time, remember you can also unlock characters with Gleamium, which has to be bought with real money, and character tokens that are included in Founder’s Packs.

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