How to Get Gleamium in Multiversus


As you spend time with Multiversus, you’ll notice that there are many things to unlock.

Lots of things in Multiversus, such as character variants and profile cosmetics, can simply be unlocked by playing the game. As you level up individual characters and your profile you’ll unlock lots of extras, and more can be gained by making battle pass progress. If you want to unlock some things in Multiversus, however, or do so more quickly, you can do so by spending Gleamium. But how do you get Gleamium?

With Gleamium being a premium currency in Multiversus, you’ll probably be disappointed to hear that it can only be bought with real money. There’s no way (at least currently) to earn it for free in-game. You can buy Gleamium in specific amounts; 1,000 Gleamium, for example, costs ¬£7.99, and that will allow you to unlock a character and have 300 or so Gleamium left over.

You can also get some Gleamium by buying a Founder’s Pack for Multiversus. You’ll get none in the standard Founder’s Pack, but in the Premium Founder’s Pack you get 2,500 Gleamium as well as a whopping 30 character unlock tickets.

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