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Stray review

How to Get the Poncho and Fix the Tracker in Stray

In the slums of Stray, you’ll come across a robot called Grandma: she’ll knit you a poncho if you can bring her some electric cable.

She’s not just a nice old lady offering to knit you something for free. She’s an integral part of the game, and you’ll need the poncho she knits to solve one of Stray‘s many puzzles. Here’s everything you know about the poncho, getting a blanket for Elliot and fixing the tracker in Stray.

How to wear the poncho in Stray

It seems a lot of people are asking how to wear the poncho. Unfortunately, you can’t wear the Poncho in Stray. It’s a quest item, and so if you happen to have it before you get to the relevant quest in Stray, it’ll just have to sit in your inventory for a while.

As much as we’d love to see that gorgeous little cat run around with a poncho on, it’s just not possible.

How to get the electric cable for the poncho in Stray

Grandma won’t knit you a poncho in Stray unless you first bring her some electric cable. There are a few steps to doing this. The electric cable is being sold from the trader who sets up shop near the base of the giant elevator. But he will only trade it for laundry detergent. So you’re going to have to get some detergent.

To get laundry detergent in Stray, you need to:

  1. Jump up on the roof of the laundrette. Here, two robots are tossing cans of paint to each other. Sit by the side of one of them and you’ll be prompted to meow. Do this at the right time, and they’ll spill the paint outside the door of the laundry shop. The owner will come out to clean out the mess.
  2. Go into the laundrette and pick up the box of detergent. Now you have it, you can take it to the dealer, and trade it for the electric cable.

With the electric cable in tow, you can return to grandma, who will make you a poncho in no time at all.

How to get a blanket for Elliot in Stray

A story quest you’ll come across in Stray requires you to fix a tracker. You’ll be led to Elliot, one of the cleverest and most technical of all robots living in the slums. He’ll help you – but he’s too cold. You’ll need to warm him up first. He asks for a blanket – but a poncho should do the trick.

Give Elliot the poncho you got from Grandma. If you don’t yet have it, go through the steps above to get it. And that’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to get and use the poncho in Stray.

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