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Stray how to get worker jacket and hat

How to Get the Worker Jacket and Hat in Stray

Wondering where to get the worker jacket and hat in Stray? Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

During the Midtown section of Stray, you’ll need to sneak into a factory. But in order to do so, you’ll need the help of a mutual friend. And before he can help you, he’ll need you to find him a worker jacket and hat. And so: where do you find the worker jacket and hat in Stray?

How to get the Worker Jacket in Stray

Getting the worker jacket is a multi-part puzzle, and it’s perhaps one of the more complex tasks in Stray. First, you’ll need to head to the apartment complex where Clementine lives. On the ground floor, three robots are enjoying listening to music, but if you talk to one of them, they’ll complain about being spied on by cameras. Look up, and you’ll see three cameras pinned on the level above. Your first task: take down the cameras.

This is fairly easy to do. Head up one flight of stairs, and you can reach all three cameras from here. You’ll need to jump up onto some ledges to reach them, and once you get to each of them, simply stand on them then jump off; the cameras will fall to the floor. Once all three have been disabled, go back down. Talk to the three robots again, and you’ll be given a cassette tape for helping them out.

Now, head to the clothing store on the main road. You’ll see a worker jacker proudly displayed in the window. You’re going to steal it! But you can’t do it while the shop keeper is about.

Inside the store, you’ll find a little room to the back, behind the checkout counter. There’s a tape player in there: insert the tape, and the shop keeper will storm into the back to turn off the racket. That’s your chance: head up to the jacket and interact with it to add it to your inventory.

How to get the worker hat in Stray

Now you have a jacket, next you’ll need a hat. There’s a hat shop on the corner of Midtown’s center, and once again, the worker hat is displayed in the window. You can’t get in though, because a delivery is in progress. Or it should be: one of the workers has gone astray in the local bar.

Head to the bar – it’s just down the street; look for the red neon sign outside the door. At the back, you’ll find a worker passed out on a table. You need to wake him up. Look above him, and you’ll see a precariously-balanced box. Jump up onto the shelf and nudge the box off. It’ll land on him, waking him up, and sending him back to his post.

Head back to the hat shop, and now the two workers will be unloading and carrying boxes. Wait until a box is placed on the floor, and jump into it. You’ll be carried into the shop, where you can simply grab the worker hat and walk straight out.

And that’s it: that’s how to get the worker hat and jacket in Stray. Now you can head back to the factory entrance and continue your journey.

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