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How to Play Multiversus With Friends


Essentially Super Smash Bros. with Warner Bros. characters, you might want to play Multiversus with friends.

A free-to-play title, you’ll be glad to hear that Multiversus allows you to play with friends in multiple ways. And with at least five characters available to play as without spending any money at any one time, you can indeed have a lot of fun for zero cost.

If you want to play Multiversus with friends online, all you need to do is move the cursor to the ‘+’ symbol on the main menu, and then you can invite any friends that are online to your party. Once friends are in your party, you can then jump into matches together. You’ll earn more experience and coins when in a party, too.

You don’t need to create a party to play with friends in Multiversus, however. You can also click the Custom Game option to create your own lobby, and then you can invite your friends before deciding on a match type and other parameters.

Finally, playing Multiversus with friends isn’t limited to online. Local multiplayer is also available if you select the ‘Play’ option on the main menu, then select the ‘Custom’ option on the next screen. There you’ll find the option to create a local multiplayer match. Creating a custom lobby can also be done this way as well.

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