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How to Solve the Candle Puzzle in MADiSON

MADiSON Cathedral

As you make your way through MADiSON, you’ll eventually find yourself in a cathedral. It’s there that you encounter a tricky puzzle involving candles.

The candle puzzle in MADiSON revolves around the fact that you can explore two time periods – 1951 and 1987 – by taking a picture of that year in a particular room. To solve the puzzle, you’ll first need to explore the cathedral until you have four candles in your possession, coloured red, green, yellow and blue.

Get the candles

Once you have the four candles, it’s a case of placing them correctly at the end of mazes corresponding to their colour. The red candle, for instance, needs to be placed in the red maze. But to make things more complicated, they also need to be placed in front of the correct picture at the end of each maze.

Where do they go?

To find which picture they should go in front of, you’ll find a small area in each time period that has two pictures hung on a wall with an information plaque in front of them. Take a photo of each picture, and when you develop it it will be drenched in the coloured light that you need to match with the maze and the candle. So, if a picture has a red light, you need to place the red candle in front of it in the red maze.

Time and place

Your ultimate task, then, is to find the correct picture in the correct coloured maze either in 1951 or 1987, and then place the correct candle in front of it. Each maze only has three of the four pictures, you see? It’s mostly easy, but in 1951 you eventually begin to be pursued by a nasty ghost, which can make things tricky. It helps to learn each maze like the back of your hand, then you can quickly find your way in, place the candle, and then escape.

Our solution

In our game, the solution was as follows:

  • Red, 1951, picture of Jesus on cross
  • Green, 1987, picture of angels
  • Yellow, 1951, picture of old man
  • Blue, 1987, picture of Mary

The solution isn’t likely to be the same for you, however, as many of the puzzles in MADiSON appear to be randomised. Still, with the above explanation, hopefully you’ll make it through the candle puzzle without much trouble. Once you’ve got all the candles in all the right places, you’ll hear a bell. That’s your cue to return to the bell tower, where you’ll find a key waiting for you.

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