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How to Solve the Clock Puzzle in MADiSON

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There’s one room in MADiSON that might intrigue you for quite a while. One that has a clock on its door, and listening in via broken wall gives the impression that it’s full of clocks.

Eventually you’ll discover that it is indeed full of clocks, and so of course it has a clock-based puzzle for you to solve. Of all the puzzles in MADiSON it’s possibly the one that requires you to do the most leg work, but it isn’t that difficult to solve once you’ve figured out what you need to do.

Basically, there are four clocks in the room that you can interact with. If you look closely, each one of them is surrounded by clocks that all display the same time. To solve the clock puzzle in MADiSON, then, you need to find and attach the right clock face to each clock so it matches the time of the clocks around it.

To get the clock faces you need, use the clock face you acquired from the green safe to find other clock faces around the home and swap them. There’s a clock in the hall where you first started the game, one in the kitchen, one in the attic, and one near the red light, next to the room which had the safes in.

Once the four clocks in the clock room all have faces that match the times of the clocks around them, you’re able to take a picture of the door in the room to make it open. In there you’ll find an object that’s necessary for yet another puzzle you’ll encounter soon.

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