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How to Solve the Combination Lock Puzzle in MADiSON

Early in into MADiSON you’ll discover a small door secured shut with a combination lock.

With various numbers etched into the lock if you examine it, as well as numbers on the walls in the same room, you might think that you need to find the correct combination there and then. We did. But you don’t. Instead, you need patience. Simply carry on playing MADiSON, and eventually the time will come to open that door.

But what if the time comes and you still have no idea what the combination to open the lock is? Well, hopefully we can help you with that. Getting help solving puzzles in MADiSON can be tricky, as some of the solutions are randomised, but for us, the code was 2485. If that doesn’t work for you, let us tell you how we discovered it.

There’s comes a point in MADiSON where things really ramp up, and you need to take photos of various objects such as a skull mounted on a wall to progress. Pay close attention to the photos that develop, and you’ll find that they come out a rusty, bloody red with a dark number in them. They are the numbers that you need to open the combination lock.

Remember you can view pictures that you’ve taken by opening your inventory and selecting the photo icon. After completing the Blue Knees section of the game, simply look back across your photos to find the numbers that you need. They should all be there.

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