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How to Solve The Elevator Puzzle in MADiSON

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Wondering how to solve the elevator puzzle in MADiSON? Here’s everything you need to know to get past it.

Somewhere past MADiSON‘s half-way point lies a tricky puzzle revolving around an elevator. Finding yourself outside of the familiar (but eerie) walls of the house, you’ll be in an elevator leading to five floors. Looking rather like a series of subway platforms, they’re instead filled with dead bodies and plaques of the dead. Solving the elevator puzzle revolves around uncovering Madison Hale’s victims.

Each floor that the elevator travels to represents one of Madison’s victims. On each floor, you’ll hear a recording playing out, stating facts about the victim and how they died. Your job? Use the clues in the recording to locate the correct victim on that floor.

How to solve the elevator puzzle in MADiSON

Let’s start with floor one. Here, we’re told that Madison’s first victim was her father in 1987. Look around and peer through a point in the wall. You’ll see a coffin marked with Robert Hale’s name. That’s her father. Use your camera to take a picture of the point of the wall where is coffin is.

When you take a picture, the central column in the room will spin around. That central column has the numbers 1-4 marked on it. Your goal here is to line up the victim number with the victim’s body. In this instance, taking a picture of where Robert Hale rests will make the column spin around so the number ‘1’ is facing him. That’s it. Now you can move on to floor two.

Floor two’s victim is Madison’s mother, Judith Hale. Again, repeat the process. Find her coffin through the holes in the wall, and take a photo when you find it.

Three and four require a little more work. You won’t be given names; simply clues as to their age. Use deduction to work out which is the correct victim. You’ll also need your hammer to knock out some tiles in order to see through the walls. Again, when you find the right coffin, take a photo.

The solution to every floor

We’ve laid out the correct victim for every floor below. Be aware that some of MADiSON’s puzzles are randomised, so it’s possible the names may appear differently – or in different locations in your own game.

  1. Robert Hale
  2. Judith Hale
  3. Drake Fletcher
  4. Lynn Jamie

Once you’re done and the column on each floor is in the right position, head back up to floor five. Take a photo of the mirror, and a cutscene will kick in, leading you into the next section of the game.

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