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MADiSON Review 3 (1)

How to Solve the Well Puzzle in MADiSON

Survive long enough in MADiSON and chances are you’ll eventually find your progress blocked by a well that has been locked shut.

There are three locks preventing you from opening the well in MADiSON – two at the front and one at the back, creating a triangle shape. Interact with them and you’ll find that they each have a rotating mechanism covered in symbols. And so as you can guess, you need to find the correct symbols to use on each lock.

Thankfully finding the symbols isn’t too hard. The key to solving the well puzzle in MADiSON lies in a room near the beginning of the game which houses a TV and newspaper clippings on the wall – the one you have to travel through to get to the first storage safe. In there you’ll find a ritualistic symbol drawn on one of the walls. Take a picture of it, and the symbols required to open the locks on the well will be displayed in the circles in the corresponding positions.

For us, those symbols were the moon in the bottom left, the fork at the top, and mars at the bottom right. Most of the puzzles in MADiSON appear to be randomised, however, so the symbols are likely to be different for you. Still, with the guidance above you should be able to open the well. Just take a picture of it once all the locks have been opened and the lid will come off, allowing you to climb down.

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