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How to Start the Generator in MADiSON

Struggling to start the generator and turn on the power in the house in MADiSON? Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

One of the earliest puzzles you’ll come across in MADiSON is starting the generator. The house is in darkness, and in order to progress, you need to get some power running through it. How do you do that? By starting the generator down in the basement, of course.

We know what you’re thinking: please don’t make me go down into the basement in this horrible, scary house. Don’t worry: there’s nothing bad down there. Not yet anyway. (Spoilers!) Down a set of stairs off the main hallway you’ll find a room with a generator in it. There’s also a breaker box on the wall. It’s this breaker box that you’ll need to interact with first.

You need to get the position of the switches in the breaker box in the right order. Start at the left, and move each one up and down. If you make a wrong move, they’ll all reset and you’ll need to start again, so remember the order you’re moving them in.

For us, the correct position of each switch was as follows: up, down, down, up, up, up. However, some of MADiSON‘s puzzles seem to be randomised, so your solution may be different.

Once all the switches of the breaker box are in the right position, it’s time to start the generator. Simply move over to it and interact with it. The power will come on automatically, and you can go back upstairs and continue making your way through the house.

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