How to Toast a Player in Multiversus


As you play Multiversus, you might encounter a challenge that requires you to toast another player.

Toasting other players is dead easy to do when you know how, but Multiversus does a terrible job of explaining it to you. So, how do you toast a player in Multiversus?

While toasting a player in Multiversus sounds like something you need to during during a match, it’s not. It’s actually a way to show appreciation to another player after a match.

To toast a player, you first need some toast to give. Chances are you’ll already have done, but if not, it can be obtained rather easily. Simply keep playing and you’re bound to get some, or you can buy some with coins. To do that, go to collection screen, then click on the toast at the top. You can then buy toast for 350 coins.

When you have some toast, using it is easy. Simply play a four-player match, and when you’re on the results screen when it ends you’ll see the ‘give toast’ option above the other players’ boxes. Move your cursor over the give toast option, press the confirm button, and that’s it: you’ve toasted a player.

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