How to Unlock Characters in Multiversus

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If you’re interested in playing Multiversus, chances are you’re going to want to unlock the characters that are interesting to you.

With characters brought together from a range of Warner Bros. properties, there’s undoubtedly a bright future for Multiversus, especially as it’s so much fun to play. As of right now, there are 17 characters available, and of them four will free to play as on a rotation basis. Currently Superman, Garnet (Steven Universe), Reindog (original character), and Finn (Adventure Time) are all unlocked by default to play.

You can get your first permanently unlocked character for free rather easily. Simply complete the basic Multiversus tutorial, and Wonder Woman is yours to keep. To unlock the rest of the game’s fighters on a permanent basis, however, you’re going to either need to play it a lot or spend some money.

Three ways to unlock characters in Multiversus

There are three options when it comes to unlocking characters in Multiversus. First is to collect coins through gameplay. You’ll get some at the end of each match, and more can be gained by levelling up characters and your profile. Some can be obtained by gaining new tiers in the Battle Pass, too. These coins can then be used to purchase characters, which cost between 1,500 and 3,000 coins. Most are 2,000 coins.

Another way to unlock characters in Multiversus is to buy them with Gleamium. This is a premium currency that you can buy with real money, and as well as purchasing characters with it you can also purchase other extras such as variants. It costs around 700 Gleamium to buy a character, which works out at about £5. Irritatingly, you can’t purchase just the right amount of Gleamium to unlock just one character though.

The third and last option for unlocking characters in Multiversus is to use character tickets. You get these if you buy a Founders pack for the game, with each coming with a set number of tickets. If you’re going to be playing Multiversus a lot, it’s worth considering. The top pack, for example, costs £80, but gives you 30 character unlocks. That’s every initial character plus lots more going into the future. You also get additional goodies with each Founders pack, such as cosmetics and Gleamium.

As well as the four characters currently available via rotation, and Wonder Woman who you can earn easily for free, the other characters in Multiversus are Shaggy, Batman, Taz, Iron Giant, Steven Universe, Jake (Adventure Time), Velma, Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Bugs Bunny, Harley Quinn, Tom & Jerry, and LeBron James.

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