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Make Friends With a Cacodemon With This Amazing, Adorable Doom Mod

Doom Cacodemon Cacofriendo

A new mod for the original Doom will let you make friends with the game’s fire-belching Cacodemons, all with a friendly pat.

Even better, the mod – which is out now – has the Doom Cacodemon you’ve befriended attacking enemies, belching fire at them. Unfortunately, this also means they’re liable to get mauled by imps and the like but we’re sure that, since you’re such a good friend, you’re going to wade in and help them out, right?

The mod, dubbed FrendoCaco (or CacoFrendo), is the work of modder “Connoisseur of Toilet Wine”. And, while previous mods have let you summon friendly Doom monsters, this actually forces you to go out and befriend a Cacodemon, should you desire its assistance. In other words, you’ve got to risk a fireball in the face but, get close in enough to pat, and the creature’s demonic heart meals – complete with glowing heart symbols – making them your pal for life.

We can’t quite put our finger on what makes Cacodemons so adorable. Maybe it’s their huggable spherical forms, their squishy little faces or the adorable noises they make when you murder them. But the internet has embraced their cuteness and this mod is the latest in a huge outpouring of pro-Cacodemon sentiment.

If you want to take the mod for a spin, you’ll need the original version of Doom and then you’ll need to grab the mod from ModDB. Load the mod up and you’ll see those floating, bitey rubber balls  in an entirely new light.

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