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No More Heroes 3 7 (1)

No More Heroes 3 Hits PlayStation and Xbox This October

Currently only available on Nintendo Switch, No More Heroes 3 will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC this October.

Once again putting players in control of Travis Touchdown, No More Heroes 3 tasks you with saving Santa Destroy from a group of intergalactic assassins. He may appear to be a bit rusty, but with new tricks up his sleeve like the Death Glove, he’s more than capable of once again moving up the assassin ranks providing you’ve got the skills to guide him.

We very much enjoyed No More Heroes 3 on Switch, despite some technical issues holding it back. On more powerful consoles and PC, then, it should be better than ever before. No More Heroes 3 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X on 14th October. PC gamers, however, will be able to play the game three days earlier on 11th October. At least on Steam, anyway.

For those who like get physical, boxed copies of No More Heroes 3 will be available for both PlayStation and Xbox versions. Priced at ¬£49.99, they’ll feature new artwork by Yusuke Kozaki, and will come with three art cards and a double-sided poster adorned by Travis and the Demzantiger.

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