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Papers Please is Coming to Mobile This August

Papers Please Mobile

Papers Please, which launched all the way back in 2013, has made its way to iPhone and Android.

Nine years is a long wait, though given how fantastic the original is – it made our list of The Best Video Games Made by One Person – it should be well worth it. It casts you as an immigration inspector, charged with policing the newly-opened border between two formerly antagonist countries.

So what’s the catch? The catch is that, while things start off easy, Papers Please cranks up its difficulty, requiring you to watch out for incorrect stamps, missing photo IDs and various other elements that are grounds to deny people entry. But you’re also dealing with internal and external politics, as well as stories that tug at your heart strings.

The mobile version arrives this August 5th, landing on both Android and iPhone. There’s already an iOS version, but that’s for iPad – the mobile versions has been tweaked to be on-the-go friendly. Yes, there’s still a timer but, fingers crossed, the interface won’t be your enemy.

The news came from developer Lukas Pope, who also jokingly gave 2031 as a the release date for the console version of Papers Please. It’s well worth checking out the whole Twitter thread, where he answers questions about the port. We were particularly happy to learn that the mobile will sport, according to Pope, “No zooming. My vision is terrible and I wanted the game to feel natural on a phone so the interface is built around that.”

In other words, this is anything but a lazy port. You can get your hands on Papers Please when it hits the iOS and Android stores this 5th August. Just be prepared to crush a lot of people’s hopes and dreams. You monster.

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