Persona 5 Royal Won’t Have a PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 Upgrade

Persona 5 Royal 1 (1)

Persona 5 Royal is coming the PlayStation 5 this October. But if you purchased it on PS4 4 and were expecting a free or discounted upgrade, you’re out of luck.

That’s the harsh message from the official Personal 5 Royal faq, courtesy of Google Translate. JRPG Persona 5 Royal is, itself, an upgraded version of Persona 5. We reviewed it back in 2020, concluding that it “…takes a brilliant game and makes it even better”. There wasn’t an upgrade path from regular Persona 5 to Persona 5 Royal so this isn’t a complete surprise.

However, it’s definitely not a good look, given that most other PS5 and Xbox Series X games have offered an upgrade path from the previous platform. Sometimes the upgrade has been free while, on other occasions, there’s been a fee – £10 or so – to get the new version.

The game is also coming to Xbox Series X|S , Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, the first time the game has appeared on those platforms. The Persona series is hugely popular and, though the plot and settings vary, typically feature superpowered students fighting demons and other supernatural foes. There have also been multiple spin-offs, including fighting games and more though we’re still waiting on Persona Kart.

Persona 5 Royal will arrive this October 21st and, yes, the PlayStation 4 version can be played on the PlayStation 5, but if you want all the graphical bells and whistles, PlayStation 4 purchase will have to re-buy the game. Could developer Atlus or their publisher – which typically varies by region – change their mind? It’s possible, but we wouldn’t count on it.