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The Humble RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle is a Top-Down Bargain

Want to make your own RPG and maybe win $4,000 into the bargain? The Humble RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle could be for you.

Granted, there’ll be a lot of competition in the, er, competition, but you could win. And, if not, games-making is its own reward.. right? But first things first – Humble’s RPG Maker Resurgence bundle will, for a measly £0.81, give you the following:

  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Fantastic Buildings: Medieval
  • RPG Maker VX Ace – Dark Hero Character Pack
  • Wild West Music Variety Pack

RPG Maker VX Ace is all you need to start making your own top-down JRPG-style game, complete with turn-based battle. The rest gives you extra assets to work with, though you can also craft your own characters if you’re artistically inclined.

However, you can also go for one of the bundle’s other tiers; there’s a 12 item, 25 item and 53 bundle. The latter, priced at £28.62 gives you a massive amount of content for the more recent RPG Maker MV, as well as RPG Maker MV itself (also featured in the tier below). Whatever you pay, a chunk goes to support the Able Gamers charity.

So how do you make your fortune? For a start, you can get the Humble Bundle RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle here, though you don’t need to have purchased from Humble, you just need to use one of the RPG Maker line.

Then, feast your eyes on the itch.io competition here. But be warned, the competition finishes on the 4th of August, giving you just over a week to craft your masterpiece. Pressure? What pressure? There are several prizes on top of $4,000 for first place, with a prize pool totalling $10,000, so you’ve nothing to lose.

The bundle itself is available for the next eight days and even if you’re not planning on entering the competition, it’s well worth dabbling in RPG Maker just to see what you can accomplish. You could be surprised at your own storytelling skill.

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