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The PlayStation 5’s Beta System Software Adds Gamelists and More

The PlayStation 5’s latest System Software beta is out now, adding new features for whose who’ve signed up the programme.

Even wanted to organise your games into lists/folders? Yes, we’re looking at you, Yakuza and Assassin’s Creed. The latest PlayStation 5 System Software – currently in beta – will let you do just that. You can have up 15 gamelists and 100 games per gamelist, visible through your Game Library.

Can you use this to organise games by series? Absolutely, and that’s a valid use. Us, though? We’re looking forward to using it to filter out gaming backlog – creating lists of games we really want to play, might want to play, and really can’t be bothered with any more. And then we’ll ignore those lists and put another sixty or so hours into Elden Ring.

Aside from this feature, the update introduces:

  • 1440p video mode, provided your display supports it.
  • Compare regular headphone audio and 3d headphone audio.
  • Easier access to in-progress activities when resuming a game.
  • The ability to request party members share their screen.
  • Notification when a party member joins a game you can join.
  • The ability to send stickers and voice messages to groups.
  • When you accept a friend request you can jump to their profile.

Game lists are the stand-out addition, the others are cool little features that are designed to make the PS5 experience a little more user-friendly. And, unless there are major problems, you can assume these will eventually come to the standard PlayStation 5 system software.

If you do want to apply for the PlayStation 5 System Software beta, you can do so here. Bear in mind, while it’s unlikely, you PlayStation 5 could, conceivably, be bricked. It’s probably a tiny risk but it’s up to you whether getting these features early is worth it.

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