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Terminator Survival Game

The Terminator is Getting Turned into an Open-World Survival Game

The next Terminator game will be an open-world survival game, set in the movies’ post-apocalyptic world.

Could you survive a robot uprising? Probably not – everyone likes to think of themselves as a survivor, holed up, hiding from flying killbots and the like, but we suspect most would be dead in the first few waves. Nacon’s upcoming The Terminator survival game will give you the chance to outlive your fellow man and, with an open world to explore, it could be quite the challenge.

Nacon announced the game at last night’s Nacon Connect. It’s being developed by Nacon Milan, Nacon’s own development house. Nacon are, in fact, working with Teyon, who developed the excellent Terminator: Resistance but they’re working on Robocop: Rogue City. Hopefully, later down the line, Nacon can get the two studios to give us a new Robocop vs Terminator game.

Aside from its general format, Nacon hasn’t revealed much else about the project. We’ve seen a pre-rendered teaser trailer but other than that they’re keeping their cards closed to their chest. They’ve dubbed the game Terminator Survival Project though that’s clearly just a temporary title.

So what do we want from this? We’d like to see, as was the case with Resistance, Terminators who can actually give you a run for your money, instead of shattering with a couple of shots. Being able to scavenge old buildings would also be a handy feature.

There’s no release date as yet, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this crop up at Nacon’s 2033 Nacon Connect. In the mean time, why not amuse yourself by guessing how much money the next Terminator movie will lose?

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