Ubisoft Unveils the “New” Skull and Bones Tomorrow

Skull and Bones

Have you been waiting for a glimpse of Ubisoft’s pirate-em-up Skull and Bones? Tomorrow, we’ll get to see the “new” game in action.

Why new? Because, after five long years, you can expect Skull and Bones to be a far cry from the game they showed off in 2017 and 2018. Kotaku have detailed the trials the game, a spiritual spin-off from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, has gone through and while it’s never been officially confirmed, only rumoured, it seems likely that development has been totally restarted at some point.

Now, at 11am PT / 8pm CEST tomorrow, July 7th, an Ubisoft Forward will show off several minutes of actual gameplay. We absolutely loved Black Flag, so we’re eager to see what Ubisoft Singapore, who also worked on that title, have done with the game which, compared to Black Flag, is set to have a major multiplayer focus.

However, while Skull and Bones has been delayed again and again, Sea of Thieves, Rare’s own pirate game has been going from strength to strength. If Ubisoft is aiming for that same market, they’re really going to have their work cut out for them – we’d hate to see Skull and Bones sink after all the time that’s been put into it.

You can catch the Skull and Bones Ubisoft forward tomorrow at 11am PT / 8pm CEST / 7PM BST tomorrow, on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel.