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Days Gone 2

A Days Gone Movie is in the Works

Days Gone, Sony and Bend Studio’s post-apocalyptic bike-em-up, is becoming a movie, according to Deadline.

While this hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, Deadline has a pretty good track record when it comes to insider information (though it’s also not impossible that Sony “leaked” the information just to see how people would react to the news of a Days Gone movie).

According to Deadline, the game is being adapted by Sheldon Turner, responsible for – amongst other things – X-Men: First Class and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. It’s being developed by Sony PlayStation Productions and actor Sam Heughan, star of Outlander, may be involved.

Could such a movie work? The game, developed by Sony developer Bend Studio, revolves around a pair of bikers who end up being dragged into all sorts of zombie, sorry, “freaker” related adventures (you can read our review here). We could certainly see that working on-screen; in fact, ever since we watched Dawn of the Dead, we’ve wondered what the biker gang got up to before discovering the mall.

However, the movie could be a sore point for some. A would-be Days Gone sequel was canned and, had we worked on that game, we’d be more than a little miffed that Sony dropped the follow-up but has gone for a film. Who knows, maybe if the movie’s a success (and doesn’t get dropped in the interim) we may get a Days Gone 2 after all.

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