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Cities: Skylines Plazas and Promenades

Cities: Skylines’ Latest DLC is Plazas and Promenades

Cities: Skylines is getting a new chunk of DLC, Plazas and Promenades, which will make it easier for pedestrians to navigate your cities.

Cities: Skylines, available on PC and consoles, launched back in 2017 and we were impressed with it then. Since then, developer Colossal Order Ltd and publisher Paradox Interactive have released various updates and expansion packs, but Plazas and Promenades promises to be the most interesting expansion pack to date.

Why? Because it’ll let you create pedestrian districts, car-free areas and more. We have our doubts that you’ll be able to create an entirely car-free city but we’re definitely looking forward to trying, trying our level best to do just that. We’re also curious to see if the DLC takes into account people who have limited mobility.

All in, the pack will add the following features:

  • Pedestrian Streets
  • Pedestrian Zones and New Policies (impose a 20 MPH speed limit, ban sugar and add street music, though not necessarily at the same time)
  • District Specialization (offices, high-density residential areas, and high-density commercial zones)
  • City Service Buildings (beautiful-looking city buildings that match the area around them)

The pack will be priced at £12.99/$14.99 and will hit Xbox, PlayStation and PC (via the Epic Games Store) simultaneously. There’s no solid release date but Plazas and Promenades, which will require the full Cities: Skylines game is “coming soon”.

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