Dead by Daylight’s Second Resident Evil Chapter Drops Tomorrow

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Project W

Want to step into the shoes of over-the-top Resident Evil villain Albert Wesker? The latest Dead by Daylight chapter, Project W, has you covered.

And, even better, this new Dead by Daylight chapter is arriving tomorrow, as announced by developer Behaviour Interactive. If you’ve not played any of the Resident Evil games, in particular Resident Evil 5, you’ve missed out on the ridiculous wonder of DC Douglas as early-series antagonist Wesker. DC Douglas doesn’t lend his voice to the asymmetric murder-em-up, but new actor Connor Fogarty does an excellent job of emulating the hammy antagonist.

That’s not to say Wesker’s the only reason to pick up the Project W chapter, which we got wind of early this month. You can also play as survivors Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong and, while it’s not strictly part of the Project W content, the Raccoon City PD map has been sliced into two smaller maps for ease of play.

Project W, technically Chapter 25, will cost you $11.99 and will, naturally, require you to own the full version of Dead by Daylight, available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and Stadia (there’s also a mobile version). If you’re a PlayStation Plus Extra or Xbox Game Pass subscriber you can download it for free.

So who’s next? Not all Dead by Daylight’s new killers are culled from other properties, though with Halloween’s Michael Myers and The Ring’s Sadako on the roster, there’s some real star quality there. We’ve got our fingers crossed for Phantasm’s Tall Man, complete with brain-drilling spheres; throw in Ice Cream Man Reggie and Behaviour Interactive wouldn’t be able to take our money fast enough.