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Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars’s New Trailer is Edge-of-Your Seat Stuff

Deliver Us Mars has a new trailer, packed with drama, life-or-death gambits and more.

The trailer, unveiled at Gamescom, was released because the game itself, originally set to release this year has instead been delayed to 2023. And, going by this new trailer, Deliver Us Mars is going to be quite the trip.

The trailer features a couple of flashbacks revealing that Kathy Johannson’s climbing picks, the same one she uses on Mars, were gifted to her by her by her father. Yes, it’s a teensy bit cliched but we’ve seen worse. You’ll also be putting the picks to good use, engaging in some Lara Croft style cliff climbing.

We already knew that the Arks that Kathy and team have been sent to retrieve are critical to the Earth’s survival and the trailer further underlines this. What is a surprise is that Kathy may not be alone in her quest to recover the Arks. The trailer shows several other astronauts accompanying her and it looks like at least two have survived the crash.

There are few moments in the trailer that risk giving us vertigo, too. This sci-fi puzzle adventure is a sequel to the superb Deliver Us The Moon but Mars is a less hospitable place than our own grey satellite. Aside from being bigger, it looks like there are many more ways to die.

You can check out the full trailer above, wishlist Deliver Us Mars on Steam and pick it up when it arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X this February 2nd.

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