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Desktop Dungeons Rewind

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Brings an Old Roguelike Back to Life

Announced this week from QCF Design and Prismatika, Desktop Dungeons Rewind is a remade version of 2013’s Desktop Dungeons.

You may not have heard of Desktop Dungeons. Almost 10 years old, this bite-sized dungeon crawler is designed to be played in short bursts, combining deep tactics with simple mechanics. Its entire USP is built around the idea that a dungeon can be completed in 10 minutes or less, and frankly, that’s a concept we’re well on board with. We’re busy. And so we’re rather looking forward to Desktop Dungeons: Rewind, a full remake of the original, complete with new features and an all-new art style.

The original Desktop Dungeons plays out in basic, 2D dungeons. A click of your mouse will move you from one location to the next, with objects, enemies and encounters all illustrated with small icons. Being a roguelike, you’re probably going to die rather quickly, and mastering the tactics involved in Desktop Dungeons is key to success. You’ll need to make use of various abilities, learn enemy attacks and plan each move carefully if you want to master the game. But of course, half the fun is in learning, making mistakes, and trying again.

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind takes that same formula and adds a shiny lick of paint to it. Battles now take place in a fully 3D animated dungeon, and a brand new user interface makes everything look rather less daunting to the newcomer. What really sets it apart, though (and gives it its name) is the new rewind function. When you’re faced with certain death, you can rewind, allowing you to try again and perhaps avoid your fate. Or at least postpone it for a little while.

This is a roguelike, after all, and while it may be designed to be played in short, bite-sized chunks, that doesn’t mean it’s a short game. Quite the opposite: Desktop Dungeons: Rewind boasts endless gameplay. Every time you jump in, your randomly-generated dungeon will provide a new challenge. And permanent upgrades – a village that you grow from the ground up – give you constant reason to keep trying.

There’s no release date just yet for Desktop Dungeons: Rewind. All we know is that it’s coming to PC in the “near future”. We’ll have more information once it’s available. In the meantime, though, you can familiarise yourself with the format by jumping into the original: Desktop Dungeons is available on Steam priced at £11.99.

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