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Does Rollerdrome Have Any Multiplayer Modes or Features?

Combining the score-based action of a game like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with third-person shooting, you might be wondering if Rollerdrome has any multiplayer modes or features.

It would make sense, after all. You could compete for the highest score while also taking pot-shots at each other, for example. Or simply have fast-paced death matches with other players while also grinding and performing other tricks. So, does Rollerdrome have any multiplayer modes or features?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. That’s right, there are no multiplayer modes or features in Rollerdrome whatsoever. It’s a strictly single-player affair. There are online leaderboards though, so you can at least keep an eye on the scores of your friends and try to beat them. That’s the closest thing to multiplayer you’re going to get.

Hopefully Rollerdrome does well enough to warrant a sequel, because we reckon it could have some cracking multiplayer modes. We’d certainly love skating about while also taking shots at other human players. That’s potentially something to look forward to in the future though.

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