Dragon Quest Treasures is Available For Physical Pre-Order

dragon quest treasures

Square Enix has made Dragon Quest Treasures available for physical pre-order and shared new shots of the game in action.

Dragon Quest Treasures is, as the name suggests, part of the long-running Dragon Quest series, famous for its Puyo Puyo-style slimes and all-but-mute line of heroes. It’s a spin off RPG that sees Erik and Mia from DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age teaming up with monsters to fight, er, monsters. So that won’t be confusing at all, then.

It’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch and now, you can pre-order the physical edition of the game from assorted retailers such as Amazon. If you pre-order the game you’ll receive the following bonuses:

  • Chimaera Wing (x5) – Returns players to base immediately without losing any treasure
  • Better Buddy Bullet (x15) – Increases the likelihood of a monster wanting to join the player’s gang
  • Fullheal Pellet (x5) – Fully restores the HP of a single ally

Square Enix haven’t specified whether these are exclusive to pre-order or if you can buy them in-game. Chances are that, even if they are, you’ll be able to buy something similar inside Dragon Quest Treasures.

So should you pre-order? Normally, we’d say no, especially if we were talking about a digital edition. But Dragon Quest XI, the last main entry in the series, was reportedly a little hard to come by at release, so pre-ordering might not be a bad idea, as long as you go with a store that doesn’t charge more than a deposit.

Aside from announcing the pre-order bonuses, Square Enix has also shared some new pictures of the game in action, which you can find on the official Dragon Quest Treasures eShop page. There’s a slime or two, but what really tickles us is the “Lunar Zoombloom”, surrounded by confetti. It’s meant to be a plant but it just looks like someone’s found a really cool wig.

The screenshots also reveal that you can board a rather cool-looking Steampunk-style train and that chunks of the island, if not the whole island itself, are built on the skeletal, floating corpses of two dragons. Erik and Mia are hunting for the Dragonstones, though hopefully that won’t be as filthy as it sounds.

You can get your hands on Dragon Quest Treasures when it launches on Nintendo Switch this December 9, 2022, available physically or digitally.

Pre-Order Dragon Quest Treasures from Amazon

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