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Fall Guys is Getting Fatal Fury’s Mai and Terry

Fall Guys Mai Terry

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be getting two new characters, culled straight from the King of Fighters/Fatal Fury series.

Unfortunately, the Fatal Fury two won’t be flinging any fireballs or smacking people in the face with paper fans but it’s still very cool to see Fall Guys, Mediatonic’s obstacle-course battle royale mine some older games, instead of Halo, which came out in.. 2001? Oh God, we’re getting old.

Yes, even though the original Fatal Fury game came out in 1991, introducing Mai and Terry, they became regulars in the King of Fighters series, ensuring they remain in the public consciousness – the fighting-game-loving public, at least.

Soon you’ll be able to dress as them, minus Mai’s ludicrously wobbly bosom, in Fall Guys (provided you fork out the cash or crowns). Aside from the characters themselves, you can also pick up a package which gives you Terry Bogard’s “C’mon, c’mon!” remote.

We’ll be glad to see the pair hit Fall Guys. We’re big King of Fighters fans and while the series is sometimes eclipsed by Street Fighter II, the series is a lot of fun, right up to the latest entry. That said, we have to admit that, for a good while at least, we were in the Ant-and-Dec style situation of not knowing which Bogard was Terry and which was his brother Andy.

Terry and Mai hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – which has recently gone free-to-play across all platforms – this August 4th and will remain in game till August 8th.

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