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Final Fantasy XIV Online Has a Newbie-Friendly Video Series

Final Fantasy IV Online Starter Guide Series XIV

Thinking about getting into Final Fantasy XIV Online? Square Enix’s Starter Guide Series could be just what you need.

At least, that’s the intent behind the new six-episode video series, designed to give new players some insight into the MMORPG and, no doubt, get them to move beyond the Final Fantasy XIV Online free trial. After all, the game has been going – in some form or another – since 2010 so jumping in now could seem daunting.

That’s where the videos come in and, while the game isn’t impenetrable as is, they’re really good. Fronted by a couple of animated, fully-voiced characters, they guide you through the process of selecting your character, class and beyond.

We’ve watched a few and yes, we can definitely appreciate with the on-screen dilemmas. No matter what class you choose, no matter the game, you’ll end up wondering if you’d have been better off with another virtual profession. When you’re fighting an enemy close up you’ll wish you had fireballs or if your spell-flinging protagonist is being pummelled by a giant monster you’ll wish you had a giant sword and 75 constitution points.

You can find the videos on Square Enix’s official YouTube channel, alongside an introductory Episode 0. And if you want to dive into Final Fantasy XIV Online, which is now more accessible to solo players, it’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Mac. After the free trial, it requires a subscription to play.

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