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Humble Games Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass is Getting Seven Humble Games on Day One

Seven new Humble Games titles are coming to Game Pass and what’s more they’re arriving on Day 1.

As revealed by Humble and Microsoft, these titles cover a range of genres and will be free to play to those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate depending on the title.

Well, technically it’s six – Midnight Fight Express is already out on Xbox Game Pass. In our review, we concluded that “This is a game that’s simply a joy to play for the most part, with some neat ideas and a beat-heavy soundtrack thrown in for good measure.”

Midnight Fight Express aside, the following Humble Games-published titles will be joining Game Pass over the next few months.

  • Moonscars – a Soulslike slash-em-up, out this September 27th (PC, Console, and Cloud)
  • Coral Island – a adorable-looking life, sim, coming this October 11th (PC)
  • Ghost Song – a metroid-style shooter, launching November 3rd (PC, Console, and Cloud)
  • Infinite Guitars – fight mechs with music, coming later this year (PC, Console, and Cloud)
  • Prodeus – a retro-influenced FPS, another one arriving later this year (PC, Console, and Cloud)
  • Signalis – a survival horror set in a post-apocalyptic future, coming in the, er, future (PC, Console, and Cloud)

These aren’t necessarily exclusive to Game Pass – Ghost Song, for example, is coming to PlayStation 4, but Game Pass subscribers will to get to experience them for free.

Also, with the month nearly over, you can expect Microsoft to shortly announce September’s Game Pass games, so check back in with us for that. And if you haven’t tackled August’s second wave of Game Pass games yet, here’s what you’re missing.

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