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How Long Does it Take to Beat Rollerdrome?

Rollerdrome preview

Developed by Roll7, Rollerdrome combines roller skating with ultraviolence.

The year is 2030, and taking control of rookie Kara Hassan you’re entering one of the most popular bloodsports. That bloodsport is Rollerdrome, which challenges its competitors to defeat waves of House Players while pulling off tricks to replenish their ammo and score points. But if you’re thinking about picking Rollerdrome up, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat it?

With a campaign offering up just over 10 events, it might take some players as little as a couple of hours to beat Rollerdrome. It all depends on how skilled they are; each event has a range of challenges, and a decent number of them need to be completed to proceed. Some players may also not consider Rollerdrome to be completed until every challenge has been overcome. That will require playing many stages multiple times.

Completing the main campaign doesn’t have to be the end of your time with Rollerdrome, either. Global leaderboards mean some players might go back to try and get the best scores. or at least try and best their friends. Finishing the main campaign also unlocks Out for Blood, another campaign that tasks you with making your way through the same arenas, but now with different enemies, all weapons from the outset, and increased difficulty.

Those just wanting to beat the main campaign of Rollerdrome, then, might be done with it in 2-3 hours. Well, unless they find it hard, then it could take them a while longer. And those wanting to see and do everything it has to offer, and get all of its trophies or achievements, will probably end up playing it for 10 hours or more.

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