How Many Levels Are There in Two Point Campus?

Two Point Campus Review

Wondering how many levels there are to work your way through in Two Point Campus? We’ve got the lowdown right here.

The follow-up to Two Point HospitalTwo Point Campus, is out now. And rather than building hospitals, this time you’re building universities. Your goal is to give students the best education possible while making enough money to grow your empire. But how many levels will that Two Point Campus empire spread over?

In the main campaign, there are 12 levels to work through in Two Point Campus. Each one is a distinct university with its own courses, new challenges, and a fresh set of students to inspire.

How much of one level you want to do is up to you. There are three stars to earn in each, granted for meeting a set of goals. Once you’ve unlocked the first star, you can move onto the next level if you like. Or you can stick around, making your current school as good as possible.

Every level focuses on a particular set of challenges, and as you make your way through Two Point Campus, you’ll be introduced to new mechanics, new systems and more. You’ll need to complete the first few levels before you can unlock sandbox mode. But we think it’s worth playing through all twelve to really get a grasp on everything the game can throw at you.

When you’re done with all 12 levels, it’s not over! Sandbox mode is likely where you’ll want to spend your time. There, everything is unlocked from the start, and you can build your own dream university from scratch.

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