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Marvel's Spider-Man PC

How to Access the DLC in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Whether you’ve bought the base game and season pass on PS4, or the remastered version on PS5 and PC which already includes all post-launch content, you might be wondering how you access Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s DLC.

While it’s best that you complete the main story of Marvel’s Spider-Man before jumping into the DLC, you can do so from very early on in the game if you wish. You just need to play through the game’s first few intro missions, and eventually a message will pop up saying you can access The City That Never Sleeps DLC. From that point on, you can start the DLC pretty much whenever you want.

To access the DLC in Marvel’s Spider-Man, press the touchpad if you’re playing on a PlayStation console or PC with a PlayStation controller, or the Windows button with an Xbox controller to open the game’s menu. From there, navigate to the DLC page with LB or RB. You can then select The Heist, Turf Wars or Silver Lining to start the respective DLC.

If they’re not available, first make sure the game and/or DLC is fully installed. It’s also a good idea to make sure you’re not in the middle of a mission. When it comes to the three DLCs available, each one offers new story content and more, so it’s definitely worth playing through them. But again, with events canonically taking place after the base game, it’s probably best if you beat that first.

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