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How to Activate Super Reflex Time in Rollerdrome

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As you make your way through Rollerdrome, you’re going to need every advantage you can get.

Unlocking new weapons gives you a fighting chance, and being able to enter Reflex Time for a brief period definitely gives you the edge. But there’s another trick up your sleeve in Rollerdrome that can tip the scales in your favour: Super Reflex Time.

During Super Reflex Time, not only is the action slowed down to give you more time to think and aim, but the amount of damage you deal is also increased. That makes it invaluable when taking on more powerful House Players.

To activate Super Reflex Time in Rollerdrome, first you need to dodge an attack at the last second. Watch out for target markers, etc. turning white, then dodge. If done correctly, you’ll see “Perfect Dodge” appear on the screen. Once you’ve mastered this, it’s just a case of activating Reflex Time (Hold L2) just after you perform a Perfect Dodge to activate Super Reflex Time.

One neat trick is that you don’t have to wait for enemies to attack to activate Super Reflex Time. If you’re skilled, you can fire a grenade and then use that to activate Super Reflex Time. It’s risky though, as if you get it wrong you’ll take damage.

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